Water Abundance
for Everyone

Uravu Labs is developing technologies like solar powered atmospheric water generation and decentralised greywater treatment to accelerate the progress towards water sustainability

Half of humanity will be water-stressed by 2025

It remains a mystery that despite humanity’s stunning innovations, we still haven’t conquered some of our most basic challenges like clean and safe water. Climate change is only making it worse.

What if we could change the premise? And build a new model that changes convention? We are on a mission to solve problems around water and make our communities responsive and resilient.

A new source of freshwater

EVA is a solar thermal technology which sources safe drinking water from the air and gives reliable performance even in the driest of conditions, making sure that you have complete control over your drinking water.

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A new way for water reclamation

GREVA is a rapid filtration greywater treatment technology which recycles water from hand wash, bathing, and cleaning, and turns it to a potable resource for reuse.

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