Your drinking water - Renewable
and Decentralised

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All Conditions

Device will perform in the range from 10% to 90% relative humidity.


Each aquapanel can collect 15-20L of safe water per day.

Compact design

Easy and convenient to transport, handle and install at any place.


It does not rely upon any of existing infrastructure for power or water.


Being modular gives EVA the freedom to scale up to any level.

100% Renewable

EVA runs completely on solar thermal energy to generate water.

Potential in the Air

The air contains 12 quadrillion litres of water vapour in the air which is close to 10 times the water we have in all the rivers combined. We could revolutionise access to freshwater if we could put this sustainable resource to use.

EVA is an ‘aquapanel ” which harvests water from thin air by utilizing the power of the Sun. Its based on our patent-pending technology which combines the magic of material sciences and solar thermal energy. It’s a modular, scalable and simple device which works efficiently even in dry and arid areas.

A water sustainable future awaits

EVA aquapanels are designed to enable a future where clean water is abundantly and affordably available to everyone. A future where taps don’t run dry and women don’t have to walk miles in search of water.

Schools and hospitals in rural and off-grid areas can now function reliably. A micro-grid of aquapanels can provide drinking water for an entire community or even a small industry. Urban households and public spaces can save on drinking water costs while also cutting down on plastic bottled water usage.