Your greywater - Recycled
and made Reusable by 5X

Potential in Greywater

70% of the water usage in households, which comprises of hand wash, washing clothes, bathing, kitchen sinks, and cleaning, is greywater. Rest is blackwater which is used in urinals and toilets. Only around 1% of water is reused worldwide. And even then its mostly through large capacity centralized treatment plants with rigid upfront costs.

GREVA is a compact and decentralized greywater treatment system. We combine six technologies with our unique control system and design to provide high quality recycled water and improve resource utilization by upto 5 times! This further reduces our reliance on groundwater resources and expensive tanker water.

Hand wash kiosk for enhanced hygiene

GREVA hand wash kiosk is a portable unit for improving hand hygiene. Hand washing is the first line of defence against various kinds of infections, including COVID-19. Every liter of hand wash water is treated and disinfected to potable quality, in a closed loop, and made available for reuse, thus enabling net availability of five liters of water.

These kiosks are scalable and can be deployed for use in hospitals, schools, factories, construction sites, and vulnerable communities in slums and rural areas facing water shortages. A large capacity version of GREVA can also be installed in apartments and institutional buildings, bringing cost savings of upto 80%.