FMCG industry consumes
>1500 Billion liters of water
every year in end products

Putting in perspective

This consumption is equivalent to 20% demand of drinking water of entire human population

Dependence on groundwater

30-40% of this water comes from irreversible extraction of groundwater or springwater affecting local communities

Multitude of risks

Significant operational challenges and damage to brand due to local protests against FMCG industry depleting precious groundwater

Quality standards

100% renewable water produced matches needs and quality specifications for manufacturing the best products

Affordable premium

Premium to be charged to the end-customer is less than 10% for most of the FMCG products

All types of water-products

Ingredients like concentrates / syrups / hops / spirits can be blended with 100% renewable water to produce soft-drinks, beer, liquor etc.

Solar heat based renewable water facility

Just like large scale PV plants in the outskirts of the cities, Uravu brings 100% renewable-water-plants using solar heat option for the first time that can be set up at any scale starting from 2000 LPD to Millions of LPD. A 10,000 LPD capacity system occupies an area of about 1.2 acres while producing 100% renewable water at the most affordable costs in the whole world.

Waste heat based renewable water facility

Globally, we have more waste heat availability than what is required to produce renewable water for the whole of the FMCG industry. Uravu’s water facility can also be designed on a plug-&-play basis with waste heat sources like power, refinery and incineration facilities due to its agnostic nature towards the choice of heat. A 10,000 LPD system occupies about 500 sq.m to produce 100% renewable water at the least possible costs.