Your drinking water is now
renewable and decentralised

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100% Renewable

Utilises only abundant water vapour and solar energy to generate water

All Conditions

Device will perform in the range from 30% to 95% relative humidity


All year round water availability with in-built freshwater storage


System can source 3-4 liters/ sq.m of high quality water per day

Highest Quality

7-stage filtration with combination of heat, membranes and UV light


Unique system architecture for volume production and cost efficiency

20 LPD system

A compact rooftop unit provides safe and high quality drinking water to a family of 4-6. This unit roughly occupies an area of 8 sq.m and can make any house go independent of drinking water supply.

200 LPD system

A centralised rooftop module which can satisfy drinking water needs of buildings upto 15 floors. Water is produced on the rooftop in a centralized way resulting in 40% cost reductions when compared to 20 LPD module.

This water is then supplied to multiple dispensing points in flats, individual floors, offices, and common areas. It occupies rooftop area of about 80 sq.m