100% Renewable Water

Today, we don’t come across a renewable option for water, as we see in electricity generation with options like solar PV and wind. Uravu is attempting to bridge that gap.

Groundwater is depleting

It remains a mystery that despite humanity’s stunning innovations, we still haven’t conquered some of our most basic challenges like clean and safe water. Climate change is only making it worse.

What if we could change the premise? What if we could move away from the default technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO) which put even more burden on groundwater reserves and waste a lot of water, at times contaminating the groundwater further? And build a new model that utilises only renewable water?

A new source of local and renewable water

We are building a 100% renewable water technology which sources high quality water from the atmosphere and gives reliable performance year-round. We are on a mission to reduce dependence of communities and industries on non-renewable and highly valuable groundwater and help them become resilient.

Why do we call it 100% renewable?

a) Water is harnessed from inexhaustible atmospheric air unlike groundwater (water-friendly)

b) Only solar energy is used as a driving energy source unlike most of the water-from-air solutions (energy-friendly)